Friday, April 23, 2010

Headed for a Crash?

So I'm feeling really sick. I don't believe it's what my daughter has by any means. First, it's too soon for me to have caught it from her and our symptoms are different. So either I've caught some other bug or I'm headed for a crash.

Since yesterday, the sore throat has increased significantly, I have a dry cough and just feel even more run down than usual. I'm drinking lots of fluids and taking Musinex just in case - but honestly I think it's a crash. The muscle aches (in the same places that normally bother me) have ramped up significantly as well.

At work now, but not sure for how long...................


  1. Oh Dear .... you REALLY need to find a way to just stop everything for a while. Sit at home and learn to be lazy. You are pushing yourself like I did and all those aches, pains and fatigue things actually cause tissue damage, which obviously does not just repare itself overnight. The more damage you do the longer you are going to be down! I think you know all this but you are still in denial? It takes time to really truely believe what is happening to you. I hope you listen to what people are telling you .....

  2. Lee Lee -

    Thanks as always - I do know all of this (but did not know about tissue damage which makes me wonder even more about the post I'll be doing today). I may still be in denial on some level - yeah that's a good possibility. I'm listening - I truly am and appreciate all comments and suggestions. I go see my doc on 05/07 - and I have all ideas I'm going to come out of that appt. with reduced hours.