Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Daughter is Sick - Oh No

I had to leave early yesterday to take my daughter to the doctor. She felt so unwell, I had to pick her up from work and drive her myself. She has a horrible virus.............I am a bit worried about me catching it to be honest.

So how do you handle it when someone in your family is ill? I have washed my hands so much they should be cracking, I have used clorox wipes until there are no more left in the house. If I catch this - I don't even want to think about how far it will set me back.


Otherwise, holding up ok today (surprising since it's Thursday) - but so far I'm functional at least. My "big" bosses are gone for the rest of the week, so I'm hopeful I can make it through this week. Next week is going to be quite busy, so I'm thinking I may go ahead and request a slower day off - rather than take the risk of having to call in.

I've been lying down in the file room for 20 minutes each day, the main issue is that the floor is concrete (with carpet layed on top), I wish I could find a more comfortable place to "hide". It's become a necessity now, especially on busy days to get through.


I spoke with my doctor yesterday and we are going to try Neurontin. I'm a bit nervous because I have tried Lyrica in the past and while it was a great pain reliever for the IC, I simply was unable to tolerate it at a therapeutic dosage (enough to help with my pain - only 75 mg). But, you never know until you try. He has allowed me increase my Ultram so that is a relief. (Yes, I know it can be habit forming, but I honestly don't care, I look at as a necessity also, and will safely discontinue should I ever get better - and if I don't improve, I have no problems at all with having to take for the duration.) Currently, I am taking Ultram (200 - 250 mg per day), Dioxipine 10mg at night, Valium 5mg 2x's per day (for PFD related to my IC), Blood pressure meds (2), and my daily bladder instillations. I am literally a walking pharmacy.

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