Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Medication "Choices"

As I mentioned before, my doctor wanted me to try a "trial" of Neurontin. He started me on 300 mg - once per day, 5 days, then increase. I took for 3 days (at 300mg) and was unable to function. Between sleeping and resting I was down for 18-22hours, I could not drive, and fell in the kitchen at one point.

My husband was gone most of this time (hanging out in the neighborhood etc. - and even when he's home, he's in our room, instead of the family room) - so he chose to "ignore" how difficult a time I was having. Or perhaps he thought I was just having a bad spell, I have no idea.

On Monday, I left my doc a message stating it wasn't going to work, explained my symptoms, and said that I would just wait for my next appt (in 1 1/2 weeks) to discuss any more meds.

My doc left a msg at our home last night stating that yes I should stop taking, that he was "surprised" that it had effected me so seriously, that I was apparently EXTREMELY med sensitive, that he had started me on a dose that was 1/3 the dose that most people begin on and 1/10 what most people take daily.

Wait for husband heard the message first and FLIPPED out on me. First, apparently I should have told him that I had decided to not take anymore before I called the doctor. Second, apparently he feels that perhaps I was overstating my side effects since it was such a low dose and that I didn't give it "long enough" to work. All he kept saying was "I'm just trying to understand" (rudely of course).

So NOW he shows interest?

So now, that little voice in my head (that I HATE anyway) is saying that my husband doesn't believe me, that my doctor thinks I'm crazy and that he doesn't believe me, and that I'm not trying hard enough!!!!!

I personally was not surprised that I couldn't tolerate it. I've always been med sensitive and tried a trial of Lyrica for my IC pain previously, got up to 75 mg and couldn't drive or stay awake. It seems that NOW, I'm even more med sensitive. I don't know if it's because physically I'm so weak that my body just can't handle anything else or if it's because of the CFS/ME but regardless I sure wish that little voice would shut the **** up!


  1. Sorry to be blunt ... but your husband is an unsupportive ass. He needs to educate himself about CFS and he needs to think about what marriage is about .... he should trust and believe in you rather than make stupid judgements based on his lack of knowledge.
    He make think he knows everything (like many men) but CLEARLY he is not even interested enough in you and your relationship to make the effort the explore what is really happening to you!
    Please remind yourself that everytime he is unsupportive it bis HIS problem, not yours ...