Monday, April 26, 2010

What the Heck????

OK, I know I'm more "fragile" now, I've lost a significant amount of weight and was barely in my weight range to begin with - but..................

I have always had problems with my right hand. My doctor has found multiple tender/trigger points in it. It is not carpal tunnel (which is what I always assumed). I did NOTHING this weekend - in fact between sleep and resting I was down for 22 hours yesterday. However, my hand flare-up was pretty bad. At one point I had to get my daughter to open my water bottle for me.

This morning, I barely smacked the puppy on her rear for stealing one of the cat's food and now I swear either I have sprained the heck out of my hand or broken a small bone. It is swollen and bruised already - and only truly hurts (on Ultram) is when I straighten it out. If it's not better by this evening, I will go for an X-Ray, but what the HECK???

Lee Lee mentioned in a previous comment about doing tissue damage to your body by overdoing it - now I wonder, if this isn't how this incident happened so "easily". Meanwhile, I still have a cough, but resting all weekend did help the I'm going to die feeling. Yes, I'm back at work - I am fully ready to take a couple of weeks off (at least) and then try to come back with reduced hours - BUT, now my husband's job is in I'm hearing from him, that I MUST hold off until we find out for sure...............what the heck!!!???

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  1. I know that life is not black and white ... but if the choice is between money and your health ... choose your health. I swear that the more you push yourself at this crucial time the further you will fall. This is how I try to explain it to people who think it's ok for me to 'just go for a short walk or something' ... lets say you get bitten by a venemous snake, you know that the poisen will travel though your body much faster if you move around. You need to sit still and calm to slow it down. If you move and make the poison move faster though your body it will KILL you much quicker. I then tell the same story and replace the word poison with adrenalin. Adrenalin is almost like poison for us. When I tell it like this sometimes people understand me better.
    Your husband may want you to 'just push through for a while longer' but how much worse is he going to feel when you are no longer able to even get our of bed to use the toilet and he has to be your carer? This can happen. Xmas day I pissed myself because my legs would not carry me as far as the toilet, it was my lowest point. You gotta tell your husband that!