Friday, April 30, 2010

Doctor's Appt - Primary Care

I must find a new primary care doctor. I had this silly idea that ones primary care doctor should coordinate your care between specialists etc. I apparently am far from correct.

I had an appt with my primary care doctor yesterday for a blood pressure med refill and to get my Vitamin D levels checked (per a request from my CFS/ME specialist).

I found out that they have not read or observed ANY of the notes that this specialist or my urologist (for the IC) have been sending over after each appt. - they simply scan and attach to my file. The first thing the doctor said to me - when I told him about my most recent diagnosis was "you certainly appear to have many ISSUES but it appears you are being well taken care of by all of these specialists". When I mentioned the cough I have had for 2 weeks now (which is getting worse daily) - he said "well that's probably related to one of your ISSUES" and never even checked my lungs. In reality he must have used the word "ISSUES" ten times - I literally wanted to scream. I DON'T HAVE ISSUES - I have illnesses/syndromes. Is it too much to ask for my PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR to treat a cough or a sore throat? Should I have to run to my specialist for such things? He even said - it's a good thing you are seeing specialists because you care would be too complex for us. When I told him about the CFS/ME diagnosis - I swear he almost rolled his eyes.

So, it's time to find a new primary care doctor - since I have so many "ISSUES" and all.

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