Monday, April 26, 2010

Symptoms Updated

My hand is better this afternoon, I think it's just badly bruised..............

I randomly like to list my symptoms so that I can track what is going on - so as of today - these are the symptoms I have daily (never goes away, etc.):
Fatigue (not refreshed by sleep - worse after exhurstion)
Chronic Sore Throat
Muscle and/or Joint Pain
Neck Pain
Frequent Urination (of course, I had this before with the IC)
Heat/Cold Intolerance
Painful and/or Swollen Lymph Nodes
Swelling/Fluid Retention
Shortness of Breath
Severe Allergies (again, not a new symptom)
Sensitivity to meds, inhalents, odors and foods
Flushing of face
Eye Pain
Weight Loss (over 10% at this point)
Tendancy to bruise easily
Confusion / Inability to think clearly
Concentration / Attention Deficit
Muscle Weakness
Memory Problems
Alcohol Intolerance (this is an understatement)
Coordination Problems

Quite a list..........and I wonder why I feel like crap so much.

Seriously, I think it's good to know what symptoms come with this - so that I'm not freaking out over every little thing - but it does certainly make for getting through the day difficult and I feel somewhat justified in that feeling now.


  1. wow, we could be twins! My list is very similar to yours. I don't have Swelling/Fluid Retention and I haven't actually fainted, come close but didn't actually get there. I also have a persistent headache accross the back of my head. But other than that I feel FABULOUS! hahaha. It could be worse, you could have lost your sense of humour as well ...

  2. I knew I had a twin somewhere :-) - So far I'm hanging onto my sense of humour with both hands - LOL.

  3. HOW are you working???! That is not a good list.
    Do you have problems standing up, does your heart race and you feel dizzy/weak when standing or just after, especially when standing still? It's just that you mention fainting, and Dysautonomia (i have POTS - a form of Dysautonomia) is common with ME/CFS and FM. I think it is more recognised in the US than UK so i was just thinking it may get you a little more recognition as a "proper illness" from all sides if you got that diagnosis! It certainly helped me that way. check out and click on POTS Place. Various other symptoms you list could be attributed to POTS. You may not have it, but just thought worth flagging up.

  4. Ash-

    Working is beyond difficult - and yes, I'm having daily problems. I have noticed that when standing up I get somewhat lightheaded - but what normally happens if I'm abnormally fatigued and try to push myself - then after walking for a distance or standing in line somewhere I will begin to get dizzy and sometimes pass out (this recently happened while waiting in a line at the drugstore - after working all day). My doctor is going to do some test when I go next week - such as having me walk around the office and then take my blood pressure etc. - so I'm wondering if this is what he is thinking.