Thursday, May 20, 2010

Allergic Reactions Only Make You Feel Worse

So it was officially an allergic reaction (the rash on my face came out in the evening), my doctor warned me last night that I was not going to feel well today............

That would be an understatement. So for all those that don't know, take a lesson from me: If you have an allergic reaction (severe, not hay fever type stuff), you WILL feel like you have been in a mangled car wreck the next day. Your CFS symptoms will be heightened to a great extent. If you also have IC - then the allergies will cause your pelvic pain to go so high that you will swear you should be giving birth at any moment. Lastly, you should LISTEN to your doctor and stay your butt at home.

I am handling a few things at work (since I'm already here) and then I am going home to the bed.

Good night all.

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