Friday, May 14, 2010

More Meds and Ongoing Issues at Home

My specialist FINALLY received my latest lab reports from my primary care doctor. I almost put former primary care doctor because I am in fact in search for a new one.

My iron levels are good, I am moderately deficient in Vitamin D and will be taking 5,000 units per day for some time to come.

The specialist wants me to try Cymbalta and Provigil now. I am honestly sick of these med trials but will be a good patient and give them a try. It's just that I am so absolutely med sensitive that 90% of the time, I see such little benefit but have great side effects. I'm hopeful if these don't work we can go a more "natural" route (he has mentioned B-12 injections which I would happily try).

Meanwhile, I received his letter to go to my employer. It's quite frightening in my opinion. First, let me explain that in my position, they must be able to count on my dependability, I am not able to work from home, and while they are willing to be flexible with me the extent of that is reducing to 4 days per week and a small bit of flexibility on arrival time (within 15 minutes - IF nothing major is going on in the office that morning). It is essential that I am here as much as possible.

So my specialist writes:
"Dear "Employer":
I suggested I write this note to explain Ms. "Dawn's" difficulties with work due to her current illness.
"She will perform work tasks best if she has flexibility to work when she is at her best, and rest when she needs to. Only she can determine what her work hours can be. Experience has shown that patients with this condition do their best when THEY are given the responsibility of deciding when and for how long they work.
*Her performance is also likely to be best when as much as possible of her work can be done at home, so she can most easily take breaks, and if necessary naps throughout the day."

My employer will not know what to do with this and more than likely will indicate that if I truly require that level of flexibility that they will be unlikely to be able to acccomdate me (I also manage HR here - so I am truly speaking from experience). The only thing I know to do is to write a note myself (to include with his note) stating that I realize that my current position does not allow this level of flexibility and therefore, I am requesting to be accomodated by 4 day work weeks and continued flexibility with my work hours. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Meanwhile, my husband came up yesterday in a horribly foul mood, first he was "ill" that I had not thought about dinner or prepared anything "since I was off work all day" yesterday (I never did cook - I ate a sandwich). After I thought he had calmed down I showed him the letter I had received. Now he believes that instead of reducing my hours to 32 hours per week that I can instead work from home one day a week, therefore no loss of income..........for the life of me I can't explain to him that working from home one day a week is not going to be sufficient.

Something has to change - somehow - at least in one of these areas.


  1. oh dear ... I feel for you! I remember going thru the same stuff, my Dr telling me to work from home so I could rest when I needed etc and knowing it would be impossibe to do my job effectively in such a way. Stupidly I defied Dr's orders and went to work for 3 hours a day ... which way way more than my body could take even tho I kept telling myself otherwise. It only took a couple of weeks of this till I ended up in hospital unable to walk or even sit up. I do know how scary the thought of losing your job, income etc is but really you need to just do what the Dr says and if it means losing your job (and pig headed husband) then you really have no otherv choice! very very scary I know ....

    Regarding B12 injections, I get one every two weeks and it does give me a boost for about 10 days usually. Did you read the Dr Myhill link I sent you?? It has in my opinion, really good sugestions. I am going to be trying the D-Ribose treatment soon.

  2. Lee Lee,

    I'm being hardheaded for the moment regarding the work situation, I have formally requested a shorter work week and I'm going to see how it goes (I hope I don't end up in the hospital that is a fear of mine to be honest).

    Thanks for the info on the B12 injections, I truly am interested in going a more "natural" route rather than continuing to do these medicine trials. I did read the info you forwarded to me, quite interesting. I'll be curious to hear how the D-Ribose treatment goes for you.