Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Appt Today - Not sure what is going on

Well, something strange is going on. The rash from Wednesday came back on Saturday. No new medication was taken and I was not itching at all. Although I still believe I had an allergic reaction to the Nuvagil, I'm not 100% convinced that the rash is tied in with the reaction (and neither is my specialist). To quote him: "I need to come in Monday afternoon so we can regroup, but he is very concerned about the nature of the rash".

According to my mom and husband they have seen the rash before (just not as bad) always after being in the sun (maybe 3 times max - all last year). I do remember once thinking it was my suncreen and not using that brand any longer. However, I know for sure in the past it never burned. Wednesday and Saturday it definately burned - BAD.

It is prominent across my cheek bones and nose - Saturday's went down my cheeks a bit further - and hydrocordine cream helps the burning. It seems to resolve within 24 hours except afterwards my face will feel tender.

So I'm wondering if........well, let's just wait and see I suppose.


  1. Bugger, I just wrote you a BIG long reply and then it just disappeared! .... Basically I was saying that the rash you are describing sounds a lot like LUPUS.
    To be officially diagnosed, I believe you must have 4 or more of these criteria:
    • Facial rash – butterfly shape, looks like sunburn across nose and cheeks
    • Discoid rash
    • Sun sensitivity- rashes develop after sun exposure. Also worsens other symptoms including pain
    • Sores/ulcers – in mouth or nose (sometimes genitals)
    • Arthritis – pain and/or swelling and/or tenderness and/or redness in joints especially hands, knees, wrists
    • Inflammation in membranes of lung(pleurisy) and/or heart (pericarditis) and/or abdomen
    • Kidney disease caused by loss of protein in urine
    • Seizures and psychiatric problems inc nerve paralysis, depression, psychosis, hallucinations
    • Blood irregularities: low blood counts of various blood components inc low red blood cells, low white blood cells, low platelets
    • Laboratory testing for lupus markings – a VDRL test may show a false positive for syphilis in lupus patients, ; the presence of antiphospholipid antibodies, lupus anticoagulant, or anti DNA
    • Positive antinuclear antibody (ANA)

    Lupus is often misdiagnosed as CFS, your regular Dr may not be aware of ALL the appropriate tests. You should see a rheumatologist to get a correct diagnoses ...

    Look into it and see what you think?

  2. Lee Lee -

    Yeah I know, thanks for all the great information though - I had no idea there were that many tests. I had the ANA Direct blood draw and the Sep. Rate blood draw (inflammation in the body?) this morning. They should have the results tomorrow or Wednesday. He does think the rash could be a lupus rash..........