Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time to start planning for Me

I saw my therapist again last night. She has met my husband one time (and fortunately saw right through him) and is aware of the issues we are having (across the board, some related to my illnesses, some related to previous issues in our marriage, and some issues with verbal abuse on his end). She feels that short of therapy for him (which he is absolutely not on board with), that I need to begin to plan for me. In other words, instead of just planning for my possible departure from the workplace, that I also need to start making plans in case he decides he can't handle this and leaves me, or if I decide this relationship is not healthy for me and I must leave.

So this is where I am.............I need to continue to plan financially for both possible outcomes and emotionally prepare for both as well.

How does this equate to low stress?


  1. So sorry Dawn, this is a terrible situation and not good for anyone never mind someone trying to cope with illness on top. The stress will not help, but hopefully you can find a workable solution and more balance in the long run. I hope that you can continue to have the support of your therapist to help you navigate these things and perhaps find support and understanding from other sources too. I read your post on isolation, i hope that maybe you can find someone amongst those close to you that you can let down the mask with and find some relief and support. Some people ARE able to understand, but sometimes they need a little help to get there - yes more work for you but perhaps worth it. I hope someone steps up for you.

  2. Thanks Ashy, I'm beginning to realize that having chronic illnesses doesn't change relationships as much as it forces you to see and realize the issues that are already there. I hope I don't sound too down - because I'm really not, just more in an acceptance mode.