Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Now we wait..............

I had some blood work drawn today (ANA Direct and Sep. Rate) and should have the results tomorrow or Thursday. My specialist feels strongly (based on mainly what was left of the rash at my appt. yesterday) that it could be a lupus rash............so he ran the above blood work first.

I am not liking this up and down, knowing not knowing, wondering again what the heck is wrong with me game. I don't blame my doctor at all, previously neither of us thought I had any lupus type rashes (butterfly across the face), guess I should have asked my family huh?

The onset is still strange and it doesn't explain my whole body aches (only the joint pain) - I'm afraid either there are multiple things going on (so what else is new) or I'm just literally falling apart.

My mood is definately not good today - I apologize in advance.


  1. You don't have to apologise....who wouldn't be fed up with all that you're going through ?

    Do hope that it is resolved soon. Not knowing is sometimes worse than knowing.

  2. Thanks Cusp -

    Your right, not knowing is absolutely the worst.

  3. Fingers crossed that is IS Lupus .. at least that way you can get REAL treatment .... I do also get the butterfly rash but do not have Lupus .... so .. who knows!! LOL How long before you get the test results? Oh, and you are right, you could still have multiple things going on ... and the waiting for a firm diagnosis just does your head in. Believe me, you will feel a whole lot better once you know! xx

  4. Lee Lee -

    Thanks for telling me that you also get the butterfly rash - now I won't feel like quite such an oddball if my results come back negative. Truly, it is a huge help.

    Thanks again XX