Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One day at a time

I only know for the moment I have to take this one day at a time. I left early on Monday and took yesterday off (called in sick). I literally stayed in bed all day yesterday and slept a TOTAL of 14 hours.

I am back at work today - but taking it VERY easy and am not making any promises regarding tomorrow.

I have put the word out to the company that helps us manage our employee benefits (it helps when you are the plan administrator and have a bit of an "in") to see if they can find out what U*N*U*M would be looking for to process a claim. (Again, any and all personal experiences are still welcome.)

My husband still wants me to find out for sure, if I can work from home instead of going out. I still have not been able to discuss this with my "big" boss and to be honest am not sure that this is the "break" my doctor has indicated that I need. I'm just not sure if I should pursue that avenue or not at this point. It would be ideal (I believe) to take a month off - and then if that has helped ANY to try to slide back into work by working from home but feel that may be asking for too much in my employment environment. With the exception of my "big" boss - the mentality around here is that once you go out on medical leave you already have one foot out the door. Also, in other cases - they would not accept employees returning back to work if they could not do the job as they had before.

One day at a time, it may not be the healthiest answer for the moment but it's better than continuing to simply push myself along I suppose.

I'm also not accepting or committing to ANY outside work activities - not for family and not for friends.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan!! I do agree that it would be 'ideal' to totally take a month off and then see how you are, but I guess you will just have to do what you need to at this stage. Good on you for deciding not to participate in any outside work activities! You have to get as much rest as possible. I think the sleeping 14 hours thing is not uncommon, I was sleeping something like that most nights when I was still getting a handle on things. I now sleep about 10 hours, sometimes up to 12. If that's what your body needs then let it do that!!

  2. Glad you've posted. I was getting seriously worried after the last post.

    Agree with Lee Lee. At least now you have a plan and sounds like you'll stick with it.

    Hope you can sort things out with insurance etc.