Friday, June 18, 2010

Warning - Gripe Session

I seriously wonder what planet I live on somedays. Today is obviously one of them. My husband has just informed me he wants to buy a used motorcycle - at first I thought it was a joke. Once I realized it wasn't, I told him to do what he felt was best. Now, he wants to know why I have an attitude!!!!! I'm not his mother, and I'm not going to tell him no (nor should I have to). I am beyond fed up at the moment.

My CFS specialist is concerned about my swollen lymph nodes and has now offered to make an appt. over the weekend to accomodate my husband because he feels that I may be delaying taking time off due to lack of support. How ironic that all of this happened on the same day.

I am beyond fed up at this point. It's one thing to continue to work to pay the current bills - it's another to think it's ok to add more unneeded bills to the pile. Unthoughtful is an understatement - selfish is more appropriate.


  1. ....but surely if he buys the motorbike then the bills for that are his responsibility: boys' toys: boy pays :O)

  2. Cusp -

    Ideally you are right - however, the way it works is that I pay all the bills and then we "live" off of his check (groceries, gas etc.) - so it's still pulling from the same pool - needless to say.

  3. YOu gotta have a laugh .... and this will give you one! It's a skit from an old Ausralian comedy and it's just what you are describing ... lack of family support etc .... have a look and a laugh!

  4. It's not griping when it's justified!

  5. Thanks everyone - as you can see things did not improve. I am going to check out the link now - thanks!!!