Friday, July 9, 2010

I Wasted My Day for THAT?

So, I went to see the infectious disease specialist. I want you to know that he is supposedly the "best" and is linked with a well known hospital and university system in the US. His name would be highly recognizable.

The appt. started out with questions like:
1. Are you happy in your job?
2. Are you having any marriage problems?
3. Do you feel better on the weekends than you do during the week?
4. Have you ever been treated for depression?

Yeah, I knew this was going NOWHERE at that point. He did examine me and says that I meet the CDC criteria for BOTH CFS and FMS (well that's great). He is running some more detailed thyroid tests, some regular bloodwork, and a Hep C panel (since I have tattoos). Guess what this wonderful infectious disease specialist did not ask about? ANY environmental questions etc., no exposure type questions, and the kicker of it all........guess what he did NOT test for...........Lyme or any tick-borne illnesses.

Oh and he also says I need exercise, because you know even the best athelete will be sick and unwell if he hasn't exercised in months.

Yeah, so that didn't go so well, and I'm frustrated and discouraged - AGAIN.

(I don't even want his notes in my medical record - Ugghhh!!!!)


  1. how depressing... so sorry he was so useless.

  2. It's a wonder he didn't say something like 'if you had a more positive attitude then maybe you'd feel better'.
    Very sorry to hear about your wasted trip. We have all been there! Try to look at it this way, he is at least doing the extra thyroid tests and Hep etc, you will probably be negative but it really is important to rule out EVERYTHING that you can so you know exactly where you stand and what treatments to bother trying. So even though you didn't get what you wanted you did infact get something!

    Regarding his notes on your medical record ... when I got sick I requested medical records from all the doctors I had seen the previous year jsut so I would know what tests I had already had etc and I found that one doctor had recorded that perhaps I was suffering from some psychological disorder because MY FINGERNAILS WERE UNUSUALLY LONG!!!! So glad that is on my medical record!!!
    You get good waitresses and bad ones and you get good doctors and bad ones .... it's just how it is!
    Hang in there, you are making progress even if it doesnt feel like it!!!

  3. It's so frustrating seeing doctors who are absolutely useless! They're supposed to help us aren't they? I agree with Lee Lee, at least he's doing a few more extensive tests; that's something positive. And now you can check this off, and move forward with talking to your boss and figuring out things at work.

    Even my very wonderful CFS specialist I told me I need to exercise. I wanted to take the last of my energy and kick him for that :)