Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Work and Health - Where is the Boundary

My "big" boss, asked me how my appt. went with the doctor he referred me to (the wonderful infectious disease specialist LOL). I hesistated in telling him, but finally sent him an honest email last night stating my concerns - especially regarding the "mental type questions", and that I was unsure at this point regarding his recommendations. He replied that we would "talk" this week.

Where is the boundary here? I have always thought that open and honest was the best approach, and that you are more likely to obtain accomodations if you follow that guideline (it's the HR person in me), but now I'm unsure.

I feel as if somehow this is getting out of control and not sure how to handle it. So in your past experiences would you feel that I have already crossed the boundary?

In other news, I stated I am taking Wednesday off, period. I am close to another crash (all the signs for me are showing up - feeling like I'm getting a "cold", sore throat is bad, cough is bad, all the first signs for me that the Big one is about to hit).


  1. I think open & honest is the best approach here. People need to be informed. The best news is that you have 'stated' that you ARE taking Weds. off. It's the only way : to set your agenda/timetable and stick to it --- otherwise your employers won't 'get it' and you'll get sicker and sicker. Well done :O)

  2. I have to admit, I wasn't perfectly honest about my condition with work, hence how I managed to get time off and then work part-time. I don't think they would have been as understanding had I been completely honest. But my situation was a little different since I took the job already ill and realized 2 months in I didn't want to push myself anymore.

    But good job on taking a firmer hand! I'm sure it will help you get what you want in the long run.