Monday, July 19, 2010

Weather Changes

It's been stormy here all weekend, and it's KILLING my joints. (Is this normal?) Add to that this morning it must be especially bad because the ankle I had surgery on 8 years ago - I can barely walk on (I do have pins etc.). This does not make for a good Monday.

I have no idea how the rest of the week is going to go as far as work is concerned. We AGAIN have a busy week, but somehow I'm going to have to put my foot down and take my time off. My direct supervisor suggested I take 2 1/2 days instead (leave in the afternoon) - which I suppose is better than nothing, but it's the mornings that are the hardest and I have come to depend on that one morning during the week where I can sleep in and move as slow as my body demands.

I made it out of the house two times this weekend - both times for quick lunches with different family members, and attempted to do some light housework, by Saturday evening I was in unbelievable pain and it's the first time I've ever honestly thought - I really wish I had something stronger for pain and I if I did I would just suck up the nausea.


  1. Does seem like the weather can affect us. Certainly so in case. Much harder in warm weather ---especially really hot and/or humid.

  2. Cusp -

    It's 100 degrees here today and humid enough that when you walk outside you would swear you could wring your clothes out. So makes perfect sense.

    My ability to handle the heat is GONE, it will literally within minutes make me feel even more nausea and dizzy etc. Glad to know it's not just me.

  3. Deff not just you. Seems to affect us all. That sort of weather makes me want to slump to the ground...just cannot stay upright. Blood pressure all over the place in that heat and humidity. Can't remember where u r in US but I do remember being in US in DC and it was so hot and humid I couldn't bear it ...and that was years ago before diag..about 1980 !