Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now I Know for Sure My Husband's Fears

Well, as wonderful as yesterday and this entire week has been, I guess it's the perfect time to get everything out in the open (I say with much sarcism - did I spell that right? LOL).

My husband is afraid I'm going to have to stop working - period. I spoke to a family member of his last night and the ONLY thing he has expressed to anyone in his family is that he's afraid I'm not going to be able to continue to work. Nothing about how sick I am, nothing about fears for my health, nothing about my inability to socialize anymore, all he continues to mention to them is that he's scared I'm not going to be able to work. So that's where we stand........

I'm still angry from yesterday also (which isn't helping my mood I'm sure) - but was told AGAIN last night that I NEVER look at the bright side. Quote "they make medical advances every day - you have to look at the good in everything". GIVE ME A BREAK........if he had 2 chronic pain disorders, and CFS - would HE see the bright side? Yeah, I'm not thinking so either. The funny part to me is that my CFS specialist says I have a good attitude about this (considering) - mainly because I'm so accepting, so sorry I can't see the "sunshine" right now for my husband's sake.

Sorry for the mood - but it's just been too much this week (including work) and I'm fed up across the board. Hopefully, I will feel (mentally at least) better soon. I don't feel well (understatement) and exhausted (again understatement) and it takes too much energy (physical and mental) to just "keep it moving".


  1. I was feeling kinda like that last week, it was all too much!! This week is brighter!! It still sounds to me like your husband is just a typical male. I am sure that the only thing he is expressing is concern over your ability to work but I bet there is much more going on for him and he just isn't able to express it. Anyway, you focus on yourself and let him sort out his issues .... things WILL sort themselves out in time ... on eway or another :)

  2. simply sending some hugs to you x