Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Day Off This Week

So I am AGAIN being not accomodated at work. I was informed yesterday that due to deadlines and meetings scheduled this week that I will have to come in all five days. I was able to get them to agree to let me come in about 30 minutes later or leave a bit early (if possible).

My supervisor (not the "big" boss) - made the comment that I should be fine, since I was granted additional days off a couple of weeks ago!!! As we all know, this is just a sign - one that I don't want to see but I am being forced to.

I will be glad when my CFS doctor returns at the end of this month. Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear the results from the infectious disease guy today.

Hope everyone is feeling as well as possible.


  1. This is not good at all. There's no understanding there at all of how ill you feel. I was pressed into similar meetings before I had to give up work. I well remember physically shaking/trembling all through one that lasted 2 hours because I felt so weak.

    I know it's very risky but I honestly think you'll have to make a stand and say 'I'm not well enough to do this. If you think otherwise then that's your prerogative but I know how I feel. Please take into consideration my loyalty and conscientious attitude to work before I was ill and know tha I'm not malingering. I am unwell and c annot meet those expectations. I am able to do xyz....' and then leave it at that. Are you a member of a Union ?

  2. Thanks Cusp -

    Your right, it's not good and I do need to take a stand but am afraid of the "risk". I'm not a member of a Union - and we don't meet the requirements for FMLA - so I could truly be "out the door".

    I'm trying to ride it out until my CFS doc returns the first of August - because I'm going to need back-up for the upcoming fight I'm afraid I'm going to have to enter with the U*N*U*M.