Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving Along

Thanks for all of your comments regarding my last "doc" appt. It helps to know that most people have run into this at one point or the other. I experienced alot of this type of treatment when I was trying to find the cause of my chronic pelvic pain years ago - until finally getting the diagnosis of IC. I'll never forget the FEMALE ob/gyn doc who patted me on my knee and said "honey, some women just hurt more than others"...........yeah I have stopped myself many times from showing back up in her office with pictures of my bleeding bladder.

I've been fortunate so far down this path, and haven't experienced that so I was a bit taken aback by an infectious disease specialist treating me that way, but lesson learned.

My regular doctor returns at the end of the month and we will be discussing the work situation further. I'm feeling a bit lead around at the moment. I am having accomodations denied (like officially reducing my hours so I can stop burning up my paid time off), like being sent to see this doctor and given 4 days off when I informed them either I had to work mostly from home or take some EXTENDED time off, and being given different answers all the time about if it's possible to do my job from home.

So I'm going to take the Fibro diagnosis also, (it is possible - since my pain levels and fatigue levels are close to each other - although the fatigue is always just a bit higher), what's one more diagnosis that half the world doesn't believe in right? So this gives me a grand total of 3.......goody goody.

My husband is hoping that something is going to come back with my thyroid (because that's fixable and all) - he is still telling me that I refuse to be optomistic. AGAIN I'm just being realistic - but he can keep hoping all he wants.


  1. What is it with this optimistic/realistic bit that other people have for us? I always get told that I need to be optimistic and stop taking about long recovery is and if it's even possible, etc etc, but I kind of feel like being too optimistic (blindly so?) is almost dangerous in its own way. If we don't have a healthy dose of realism about our condition, we'll constantly keep pushing ourselves beyond our abilities and make ourselves sicker. Maybe it's just me, but I always get so irritated when people tell me to be optimistic (even though I do get what they mean).

    Anyway, hope things with work get resolved soon. =/ I can imagine how frustrating and out of control it must feel!

  2. DolceVita-

    Thanks for the comment - for ME - I can't be too optimistic because then I'm denying the reality (which I'm still trying to accept). He sees it as I always have to look at the bad........not trying to be mean but there isn't too much good going on in the health department. If I continue to get my hopes up that its really this or that - I will be crushed to have to accept AGAIN that it's CFS/FM. I think this is his way of coping (as Lee Lee mentioned previously) - I just don't know how he's going to handle it when the reality hits HIM.