Monday, August 16, 2010

Crashing and Riding the Ride

Well, I did in fact crash on Friday - hard. As soon as I got home (after leaving work 4 hours early), I hit the bed, which is exactly where my husband found me still at 7:30 p.m. I did nothing all weekend, and yes, foolishly am back at work today.

I'm confused by a phone call from my doc on Sunday. He has now decided to hold off on the neuro consult to see if the leg reflexes/weakness resolve within 2 weeks of my last exam. He also wants me try one more alerting agent (Rytalin sp?) - even though I've already tried Adderall (caused alarming anxiety), and Nuvagil (caused me to break out in a mysterious rash). The only good news out of the call is that he is going to let me try B-12 injections. I am scheduled to see him again next Monday and we go from there. I thought I was going for the neuro consult not ONLY for the leg issues, but to also document the IQ drop, speech difficulities, uncoordination etc for disability. He wanted me to bring my husband to this appointment - but of course he is too "busy" at work, so I will be bring my adult daughter instead.

The funniest part of the conversation is when he asked me what time would be best for me to come in because he is seriously concerned about my in the heck does he think I'm getting to work?!?

I just hope that we aren't moving backwards, I'm trying to have some faith that he is covering all bases, but I really think it's justified that I go for a neuro consult.

Oh, my Lyme screening was negative - no surprise to me, but closed that door with my husband which was good.

So, how am I supposed to get to work, if I can't drive. How am I supposed to stop working if we continue to wait and see?


  1. eeek. My Dr who is extremely knowledgeble about all things CFS told me that Rytalin sp was a huge no no. He said many people use it and feel better but it's short term and does other damage and really fucks you up basically.
    The B-12 injections on the other hand are fabulous! There is another one also called B Forte which is what I get every two weeks. It has B-12 pkus some other B's in it and its stronger. I find it gives me a boost and lasts almostthe 2 weeks. I have been getting these all year with zero side effects etc.
    Good luck. oh and try to do your own research before yoy try new drugs, it's your body and Dr's often don't really know what they will do to you!

  2. Lee Lee -

    As always thanks for the advice and heads up. My experience with the energy "boosters" has not been good so I already know this will be a VERY short trial. (Just enough to say I tried). I am also excited about the B-12 though - thanks for the info on B Forte also.

    XX (())