Friday, August 13, 2010


Thank God it's Friday............I am at work (unfortunately), headed for a big time crash I'm afraid. I had to be here this morning because of a very important meeting - otherwise, even with my direct supervisor and office mate out - I would have called in. I'm getting out of here asap.

I thought I was fine at first this morning and then WHAM it hit! I have a screaming headache, and am barely able to stand upright. I WILL be headed home as soon as possible.

I hope everyone has a restful weekend, I know I will.


  1. I hope you are able to get some R&R over the weekend. It really sounds like disability would be the best option....With me anyways, I tryed and tryed to work when I first got sick and just got sicker and sicker and sicker.

  2. Hurray for Friday and a couple days of rest! I hope the weekend brings you some relief. Hugs!

  3. wouldn't it be nice to be looking forward to the weekend so you can go out with friends and do fun stuff .... aaah, what a dream!!

  4. Oh, I so agree with Lee Lee!

    I really hope you are to get a positive balance in your energy reservoir this weekend.

    Hope this finds you resting and reviving!