Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Legs Again.........

I'm off work tomorrow (thank goodness) and have placed a call into my CFS specialist. The leg and knee weakness is back this afternoon and is quite bad to be honest. I now realize how people have mobility issues with CFS. The symptom coming back so quickly is what forced me to break down and go ahead and call my doctor.

Oh, well that and literally running into a door frame at work today.

Yeah, I think I'm sliding downhill..............


  1. yep the legs can be an issue, i thought i'd be brave yesterday and walk out to my mailbox and colect my mail by myself .... WRONG ... hahaha
    I got to the mailbox and then fell over and couldn't get back up and i was stuck there for about 20 minutes. i eventually crawled to the fence and got back up on my feet ....
    seeing ur Dr is a good idea if u can!

  2. God that's so horrible ..for both of you. I can remember the same thing....trying to walk up a long incline with a high wall next to it and having to cling on to the wall for support and sliding down. People must've thought I was some kind of drunk at 2 in the afternoon. I was terrified...dizzy and so weak in the knees and legs like jelly.

    Good to get to doctor asap

  3. Lee Lee -
    I'm so sorry that happened yesterday!!! How horribly scary. Again, I'm glad (but sorry for you) that I'm not the only one.

    Cusp - The joke in my house after yesterday is that I get to walk around drunk - sober. I understand.