Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waiting and Weight

Well I'm waiting this afternoon to hear from my "big" boss, concerning how long they will allow this work from home situation. The bosses were to discuss today. It's a bit unnerving to think that a meeting was held concerning you, but that's the way things go.

Honestly, I'm barely working a couple of hours a day and we all know it doesn't make financial sense to keep me on the payroll, I'm just waiting to hear the final word, and the later it gets the more my anxiety increases. I don't know why to be honest - it's a simple answer, I know what is best for the company and me, but to possibly hear it today.....well that's tough.

I mentioned my weight yesterday, well I'm officially down to 97 pounds. This is beyond not acceptable. My doctor said that my brain is misfiring signals to my stomach which is proof to him that there are central nerve system stuff involved. Great to know, but HOW do I at least maintain my weight? I had lost another 2 pounds in 2 weeks.

In other embarrassing stuff, once my husband read everything released yesterday, he asked if we needed to take "precautions".....not that particular area is of huge concern at the moment - if you know what I mean - but honestly, has anyone else thought of that or is the thought just that it may be transmittal by blood?

Geez....the stuff I'll put out there............


  1. Regarding the weight loss, my understanding is that it is part of the myriad of autonomic disorders that occur due to as your Dr said, misfiring of the brain. The autonomic disorders I currently have are body being unable to regulate temperture, POTS, Pupils in eyes don't respond appropriately to light, so when I got into bright light they don't contract like they should, and also digestive issues. I know you are concerned about your weight but rest assured it is just part of the illness.
    Regarding sex, it's something that my body is no longer able to do but personally I would use protection, I have infact stopped kissing friends family etc on the lips because at this stage if we do have XMRV then we really don't know how it's spread and I'd hate to pass it on to someone I love.

  2. Hi Dawn, Lee Lee is right [as usual ..clever clogs :O)]...a lot of the symptoms you're experiencing are very commonly associated with M.E. and the weight loss may be one of them. Before diagnosis I was skin and bone. In the last 8 years my body has decided that wasn't a good look for me and gone the other way....and I have put on about 4 stone...56lbs...oh joy!..not!

    Personally I think you do need to get the results of all tests and opinions from doctors before you can decided that you do have M.E./CFS and that all your symptoms are down to that (although, from here, it does sound likely)..after all I'm not a doctor and in any case, even if I was, I couldn't diagnose you over the internet.

    With regard to know...maybe better to be safe than sorry but on the other hand it is thought to be unlikely that it can be transmitted in that way.

    You might like to read this very measured reaction to all the recent XMRV headlines from the ME Association in UK. I think, personally, that its calm approach is more helpful than some of the rather hysterical reaction in other places.

    Hang in there girl...its all gradually sorting itself out (*)