Friday, August 6, 2010

The Second Day is Always Harder

I remember a time when I could fly through a full week of work (45 hours min), come home on Friday and be ready to go OUT.

Now, it's Friday morning and I'm already ready to simply crawl back into the bed. Monday's at work are somewhat bearable, by Tuesday I'm a walking zombie. If I'm lucky enough to get Wednesday off, then I get a break if not by Wednesday I truly shouldn't even be driving due to the fatigue. I definately have a day off by Thursday, but then regardless every Friday is beyond difficult.

This week I had Wednesday off, so I'm on day #2 and let me tell you it seems like day #4. Late to work this morning, (don't even care, it's a wonder I made it in). Not sure how much I will actually accomplish, but I'm a somewhat warm body in a chair I suppose.

By the time I get home, I will crawl back into bed and wonder how I ever had the energy to go out on a Friday.

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