Friday, August 6, 2010

Testing Advice.........

My appt. with my CFS specialist is Monday at 10am. I'm trying to determine what tests I should ask for to help along my disability case (private carrier right now).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I just don't know what would be best (Epstein-Barr for example or neuropysch exam etc.)

Thanks in advance for your wonderful expertise.


  1. This is a tough question because there are soooo many things to be tested for than can give clues with ME. These are the things I have been tested for which relate to ME:
    Mycoplasma (bacteria which sometimes we have)
    Thyroid (lots of tests for this including Cortisol levels)
    Herpes Virus (all strains)
    Epsein barr
    Gut problems (bacterial overgrowth, Celiacs etc)

    OMG this list is just gonna go on and on ... you should have a look at Dr Myhill's website, she lists tests that we should have and explains why. Have a look -

    Good luck. x

  2. My GP ruled out everything (Lee Lee posted most of them!) and then I was sent to an Infectious Diseases clinic who diagnosed CFS after reading my history and then talking to me about the problems I've been having.

    I was awarded DLA last week and my CFS nurse wrote how it can fluctuate and wrote down everything I have problems with. She also included a chart about how CFS works so the decision maker had more info about CFS. The CFS clinic should know what to rule out and what you need to claim (I'm going by what happened with me, I know it's different for everyone else).

    Hope it works out well for you!

  3. I agree with frogetful girl, it's a little different for everyone. I'm sure the CFS specialist has experience and will know certain things that "help"....mine sure did. I know my personal testimony and the the sleep study both pushed things towards my favour. Good luck!