Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Drive or Not To Drive.............

So without disclosing TOO much personal info, my adult son works VERY close to where I do and has offered to let me carpool with him. However, he begins work an hour earlier and I absolutely could not EVER make him late. I did clear with the "big" boss about modifying my work schedule to match his but have not so far discussed with my immediate supervisors (where the most resistance will come from).

Last night, I was sure I was going to talk to them today and put it into action, but by this morning I'm so frustrated I want to cry and honestly don't know what to do.....why? I overslept this morning, it was almost impossible to get up when I did and I honestly can't imagine having to get up 4 days per week an hour earlier. I just don't know that I can do it. Plus, again a piece of my independence is leaving me...........I just don't know what to do.

Maybe I should just wait until this next doctor's appt. I have had several rather eye opening moments where I KNOW I shouldn't be driving in the mornings, this is why I'm so frustrated!

I am at a loss at the moment to be honest...............


  1. Well really you just should not be driving because, harsh to say ...you're a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road. You're in no fit state to drive. I was like this too at the start and again last year when I had a really bad relapse...couldn't even drive 5 minutes down the road to buy milk..we live out in the countryside...stuck and isolated and frustrated to death.

    If you still have to go to work you have to talk to your immediate supervisors and see if you can work something out. This can't go on much longer really. You may be losing some independence but if you have a (car) accident you may lose a lot more ..and so will everyone around you.

    Your son's offer is very kind and it would at least be in eburden off your shoulders if it wasn't for the earlier start but because of that it's just another hurdle. Can he explain the situation to his work and start an hour later ??

    Know this sounds really harsh ...but has to be said. Do take care and try to stay strong as much as you can.

    Thinking of you in such a difficult situation. We're all still here (*)

  2. Cusp -

    I know your right, and my concern is myself and everyone else on the rode. My son can't change his hours so that's out of the question. I honestly think I'm hoping I will just be out soon and all of this will not be a concern. (I never thought I would say I was hoping to be out of work soon!).

    Doesn't sound harsh at all - honesty is always best in my book. I just don't know that I can handle the hurdle of having to be out of the house by 6:15 a.m.

    I need to take a break for awhile, and I'm stating that very clearly on Monday at my appt. Fortunately, I only have to work 2 more days between now and then.

    I am running out of viable options - and none of my available options (though it was extremely kind of my son) appear to be reasonable.

  3. I agree with Cusp. I also know how hard it is to give up you independence. Agreeing not to drive was devestating for me ... but now I realise I would have been an idiot to continue.
    You mention that you just hope you wll be out soon ... Dawn you are probably the one who is gonna have to make that call. Dr's etc will only advise, it's gonna be up to you to say 'it's time' .... it sounds like you maybe at that point?? If you are then be strong and do it.... sorry if that sounds harsh, but ... you have to think of your health and YOU are the only one who knows how it feels to be in that body ...

  4. I was telling my friends today if I had the money, I would get a chauffer! On the bad days, I don't drive anymore. Too many accidents.

    It is very limiting but as Cusp said we become a danger to ourselves and to others.

  5. Thanks EVERYONE. It was truly a foolish idea and I do realize that now, it is time to face facts.