Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Always Rolls Back Around

I had a high IC pain weekend (nothing available to me could keep the pain even at a bearable level on Saturday) and then on Sunday the crazy leg stuff started again. It was a "horomone" weekend and I do know that for some reason the leg thing is worse during the "onset". My doctor keeps saying I have RLS - but I just don't know. Part of the problem is it's so hard to EXPLAIN. I don't have the urge to move my legs around, but the do appear to cramp up and I find myself stretching them out to try and help. It hurts to be honest, and it was difficult to walk at times. My legs were very shaky and my knees kept hyper-extending when I was walking. It is strange to say the least.

I saw pictures of myself from over Christmas and then one my daughter took the other day and the weight loss is SHOCKING. Seriously, my arms are 1/2 the size they were, and my entire body has changed. I have currently lost at least 20 pounds and it still seems to be coming off somehow. I told my daughter I need a before and after picture - unfortunately in this case, it was not weight that needed to be lost. (I'm about 5'3" and am weighing around 101 - 103 pounds currently.)

I demanded that my pay be cut back effective today to 34 hours per week (realistically what I'm still working even with 4 day weeks) so that I can stop burning up my paid leave - so I'm feeling a bit better about that, I don't think my husband is real happy about my decision but it's a minimal difference.

I had someone else ask me about Lyme disease over the weekend. No, I have not been tested. I have no idea to be honest, but realize it could be possible. (Even if all these specialists don't.) All I know is I'm SICK - and need a break.


  1. I have severe RLS/Wittmaack-Ekbom's syndrome which is almost always ongoing with barely a break so I know how you feel hun. With CFS/CFIDS, whether you have it or not, legs are usually a big problem because of the amount of energy our bodies have and therefore trying to use the energy to walk can make them very sore and restless anyways. I know hard for me to say, but plenty of sticking your feet up when watching TV or if your in bed, prop some pillows/cushions under your feet... hugs x x x

  2. VeeVee -
    Thanks for the suggestion (and understanding). Your explanation makes quite a bit of sense also. I will definately try propping my feet up.

    I hope your having a good day.

  3. Yeah even on good daysthe legs are unpredictable, they wobble, give out, hyperextend, hurt and often just do want to do what my brain wants them to do.
    I am glad you have officially cut your hours down, that has got to be a small weight off your shoulders and it's a step in the right direction psychologically even if financially it isn't.

  4. Lee Lee -
    Thank you so much for telling me you wobble and that your knees hyperextend also - I really was getting a little worried. Especially when my knees started doing it again yesterday. We can all look drunk - and be sober at the same time - LOL.